About Jason DeWitt

Jason DeWitt, Private Detective
Jason DeWitt, Private Detective

Jason DeWitt, Private Investigator

“Jason has a natural skill with communication and has always been able to deliver even more than what was requested. He is the ‘go-to-guy’ for the most challenging assignments.”

-Douglas Rochen
Kabateck Brown Kellner LLP
Los Angeles/San Francisco

In the early 1990’s after obtaining his bachelor’s degree at the University of Rhode Island (while also receiving a division I soccer scholarship) Jason DeWitt began his career in the investigation business working for the Rhode Island Public Defenders office.  Soon after, private attorneys began to request his services, so Jason applied for and was approved for his first private detective license.  At the age of 20, he was the youngest person to ever receive a private detective license in the State.
In early 1991, Jason opened The DeWitt Detective Agency in Providence, Rhode Island.  DeWitt was immediately thrust into the spotlight, handling several high-profile organized crime cases for some of the top attorneys in the New England area.  He quickly earned a reputation is a creative problem solver while remaining calm under pressure.
In 1995 Jason moved to Tucson, Arizona and worked as a Special Intelligence Unit Investigator with the State of Arizona Department of Corrections.  His work for the prison system centered around investigating dangerous gangs, narcotic activity, weapons, and thwarting escape attempts.
During this time, Jason also obtained a private investigation license through the State of Arizona, and worked a variety of civil and domestic cases for local attorneys, businesses, and citizens. Jason also handled several high-profile missing children cases in concert with local, State, and Federal law enforcement.
In 1999, Jason moved to the San Francisco bay area. In short order, Jason in was working on major criminal and civil cases for some of the more prominent attorneys in California.  The DeWitt Detective Agency rapidly expanded, and began to accept private cases for the insurance industry, major corporations, law firms and citizens throughout the San Francisco bay area, Silicon Valley, Marin County, the east bay and other locations in California.
Recently, Jason has been involved in many high profile cases in the San Francisco bay area, as well as handling the most sensitive of cases for some of the Bay area’s and Hollywood’s top stars.
Jason also is consistently called upon by the likes of Mark Geragos, Pat Harris, Brian Kabateck, and several of their clients to handle situations with creativity, tact, discretion, and efficiency.
Currently, DeWitt Detective Agency is accepting a variety of challenging cases.  Please contact us for a free initial consultation and case review.